Sunday, September 14, 2008


Two things have been on my heart this weekend... Time and a lack of time. It always fascinates me that we allow ourselves be defined by years, months, days, minutes- chromos, or time defined by the world. We allow ourselves to be embonded by our commitments at certain TIMES of day. At school and work we have deadlines that are TIME imperative. In our extra-circular life we tasks and activities that are TIME intensive. We fill our plates with one activity after another and instead of saying no to new challenges we find ourselves adding more commitments to our ever-ending list. And sometimes these obligations get in the way of the most important part of life- relationships. There is this dynamic contrast of how we define time and God's time. I've always wondered how we separate ourselves from the way the world defines time and allowing God' time to dictate my life instead. We've ALL been here and we will continue to come back to this obstacle in our lives. My challenge to you this week is to question all of your activities and priorities. As we are beginning to fill our plates because of all the new opportunities the new school year presents, take a TIME OUT... and analyze whether you could realistically have the energy and TIME to pour into the relationships in your life if you added this activity.

Progressive Dinner is this Tuesday! PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU'RE COMING or IF YOUR WANT TO HOST A COURSE! 6:00 start in 45F!
Here's what's left:
1) Mocktails- 45A
2) Appetizers- ?
3) Salad-?
4) Entree- 45H
5) Dessert/coffee/tea- 45G

What's Happening this week?
Tuesday- Progressive Dinner @ 6:00pm beginning in 45F
Wednesday- Time Out
Thursday-Covenant Group @ 7:00pm in the Flex Lounge
Friday- Women's soccer game @ 4:15pm! Men's Soccer Game @ 6:15pm
Saturday- Volley Ball Game-SPIRIT BELL- vs. Biola 7:00pm in Golden Gymnasium!