Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Back!

Hey women of Building 45! Welcome back to campus. In talking to a few of you it sounds like your summer's were full of traveling and adventure. By now I believe I have met all of you, but for a little refresher my name is Brittany and I am the RA of this building. I am a MOCM/IDS double majoring senior:) I am so excited to meet all you this year. If you need anything, I live in 45F. You can find the toilet paper in a box outside my apartment and if you a vacuum can be checked out from my apartment in exchange for your id card.

As you prepare for Monday and the first week of classes, I hope you have time to process and reflect on the three month journey you just experienced. In order to move forward and grow as individuals, it's imperative to reflect on the struggles you've just overcome, the joy you've just felt, and the acts of love you've just witnessed. This summer I spent a month on a loveworks trip in Thailand teaching english, by myself some of the time,to fifth grade students who didn't know a word of our language.While I was there I began to understand the value and art of journaling as a self-prescribed catharsis. Reading over my journal this week, I have been able to relive my experiences there and rediscover how God's hands are always working, always molding, and always omnipresent. With all that said, I encourage you all to find a way this week to re-evaluate your summer- pros/cons, trials/joys, tears/laughs...I would love to hear about each of your summers... I am a huge coffee fan and can't wait to sip some java with each one of you this year!

Even Mulan knew the value of reflection of her past and who she wanted to become... We all can learn a lesson from Disney.

Here's a quick glance of what's going on this week:

Monday, September 25th- First Day of classes
Tuesday, September 26th- Happy Birthday Megan Libby (45H) and Mandatory Meeting @ 8:00pm in my apartment (45F)
Wednesday, September 27th- Fiesta on Caf Lane- 10:00-11:00pm
Thursday, September 28th-
Friday, September 29th- First Cross Country Meet @ UCSD! Good luck to our two little runner's Megan Moyer and
Katie Browning
Bobby B's Birthday Bash 5-7:00pm

Saturday, September 30th- Labor Day Weekend!